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Australia Wide Trailer Rentals / U-Haul is the fastest growing trailer and ute hire organisation in Australia.

With an outstanding level of commitment to superiority it is no surprise that Australia Wide Trailer Rentals - UHAUL has a very experienced and highly motivated and skilled team to ensure that every trailer in every location reflects the philosophy for excellence. Every trailer and site is serviced regularly, providing for the testing of every trailer and all equipment. Any repair or maintenance is carried out promptly so the maximum number of trailers is always in service.

Trailer hire is about to become a much bigger business in Australia and Australia Wide Trailer Rentals - UHAUL is unashamedly responsible. With a long term objective to advance the industry as a whole, its dynamic management team has launched its mission statement to exceed all expectations of trailer hire. The vision for an improved industry, better managed and safer also inculdes a projection for Australia Wide Trailer Rentals - UHAUL to set new records of growth in an industry that has long been overdue for a professional change.

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